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Friday, January 1, 2010

Our ideas begin to germinate into reality

It's the new year. Even though I can't really tell that the days are getting longer, somehow my body knows that another season is beginning. Today Pete and I walked down to our field, took some photos, and dreamed a bit more about what is soon becoming a reality:

our own fields for our own food!

The seeds within us awake this time of year, and appropriately enough, we're putting together our first seed order. All of the names and descriptions are so lovely and enticing, it's a wonder that we can decide on any varieties of vegetables at all. I can hardly wait to taste you, 'sweet meat' squash! We'll be having a party in August with 'fiesta' broccoli! For all of you out there who enjoy going to the section of the hardware store that has the color samples for paints, those descriptions of tints have nothing on the depictions found within a seed catalog. This time of year, the vivid illustrations inspire and help us get through the cold.

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  1. Tom and I were just talking about what we want to plant in our garden next spring. We have a little 10x20 ft plot. It must be so exciting planning your own farm!