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Friday, July 16, 2010

Farmers' market

We've been doing markets now for almost two months, and finally getting into the swing of it. We love putting together our stand to show off the vegetables and hopefully not overwhelm any customers. The photos (thanks to Jayne) below are in Gardiner at our Wednesday market. It usually is in the park, but it had rained earlier in the day, and we set up in the street. I had initially thought that people in the houses might not like the market right in front of their homes, but at least one person was thrilled to have such easy access to all of us vendors. We're gearing up now for tomato season, as well as eggplants and peppers. Our tomato CSA begins in a few weeks, and we're excited for that, as well as more organizing for our winter CSA. It's the 2nd half of July, and we're still soaking up the sun of summer.

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  1. Wow! It sure looks good! It's in the 50's here and not very summer so hard to believe that vegetables are that far along! Love to you both.