Community Supported Agriculture

Friday, April 15, 2011


we have a website of our own. Check it out, it's


  1. Exciting! I'll take a look at the site! We finally got ours to a more presentable stage. I hope you guys are well. Going to miss "cat chats", providing ice and engaging in other good convo at the GFM. Come visit if you get a chance, and I'll try to do the same!


  2. I am visiting my brother and sister in law George and Joey Doyle in Petersburg, Alaska. I met your family here last night. They are really nice people. I also do farming in Perryville, Kentucky. Good luck. Richard Doyle

  3. Hi,
    I live at 13 Wildes Rd. There is an interesting thing going on at the Harlow Gallery in Hollowell.
    You may be interested They are matching Farmers and Artists. Artist will make art of your farm activities during the summer and will present in a show in October. I will come over and give you more information about this.
    I will leave it in you mail box if you are not home.

  4. Just to prove that there is longevity in blogs...I'm Tony C. Saladino, charmaster and I am working with smaller, organic farmers everywhere to get the word out about char, biochar and the ancient miracle it represents. My garden beds were organic for over ten years when I began to make char and when I added it to my beds, it doubled production! I would like to teach as many people as much as possible about this material and how to easily make and use it. You can contact me at: or read my or